Hi, I’m Dave. I’m a 36 year old communications and digital director from the Baltimore area.

I’ve been working in or with design, marketing, and social media for about ten years. What started as designing simple logos and websites evolved into a love for creating outreach plans for clients of all types.

I’m really into autumn, scarves, vintage design, the Ravens & Orioles, good coffee, and good whiskey. I like to read, and I sometimes like to travel. Baltimore is my favorite place in the world, in spite of all my out-of-town friends thinking I live in a perpetually running episode of “The Wire.” I also sing in a rock band called Heavyweights, and you can find us here.

While currently I work mostly freelance, I would love to consider a position with the right company. My ideal candidate would be to work in or alongside a marketing department, and potentially as part of a team. The company I’d most like to work for would have a healthy corporate culture, and offer competitive benefits as well as fostering personal achievement through recognition of work well done. If you or your company is now hiring, drop me a line. Recruiters are welcome to email me too!

I look forward to hearing from you. You can view my resume here, and use the contact page to get in touch!


A selection of clients, past & present.


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